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From the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, lyricist/librettist Donna Di Novelli; actor/writer/director Josh Radnor; and NTI Artistic Director Rachel Jett in conversation about the National Theater Institute.


Discover the O'Neill

The O'Neill: The Transformation of Modern American Theater by Jeffery Sweet. Published by Yale University Press 2014.

This is the story of a theatrical laboratory, a place that transformed American theater, film, and television. With forwards by Michael Douglas and Meryl Streep, the book features exclusive interviews and  photographs of NTI alums: John Krasinski, Jennifer Garner, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Piven, Rachel Jett, Barry Grove, and Rebecca Taichman.


NTI Semester


“NTI is the theater program for anyone who is seriously considering a future in theater. Its ensemble-based, holistic approach to performance, production, and design is incomparable to any conservatory training you will find.” -Nikki Veit, TM '12-Playwriting & NTI Fall '13

"At the National Theatet Institute I accessed and stretched artistic muscles I didn't even know existed. I found the theater family I was looking for. A family that knows some of my greatest strengths and weaknesses and they aren't afraid to point them out to me. That's the meaning of Risk. Fail. Risk Again." - Anne Flowers, NTI Spring '13

“I found that I was not only an actor but also a director, sound designer, and writer. It turned out that the world of theater was way, way bigger than I had ever imagined, and there was plenty of room for me in it.” - Eliza Orleans, NTI  Spring '11

"My 14 weeks at NTI was the most formative experience of my artistic life. The training I received and contacts I made have been invaluable along my path as a theater artist. NTI was truly a transformative experience." - Ben Morrow, NTI Spring '10

NTI-Advanced Directing


“NTI carves out a space for you in which you are free to risk, safe to fail, and expected to push the envelope.” - Emma Miller, NTI-AD Spring '14

"I feel like I entered the program as a director and left an artist" - Nick Minas, NTI-AD Fall '09

"My time at NTI taught me more about myself and the art I pursued than any other form of education available. As a director, the NTI-AD semester takes the academic world of theater and pushes you into the practical land of experimentation." - Sterling Melcher, NTI-AD Fall '12

"NTI has taught me so much about building brave, radical art, much more than I've ever learned in a conventional school setting and I can't wait to take that out into the world. I've learned how to be creative constantly, make good work rapidly, be my own constructive critic, and let go of failure thanks to the NTI-AD program." - Haley Fluke, NTI-AD Fall '14

"Directing as a career would never have become a realistic possibility without NTI. I am no longer an aspiring director, I am a director." - Callie Nestleroth, NTI-AD Fall '14

NTI-Advanced Playwriting

“When I came to NTI I would refer to myself as a ‘writer.’ When I left, I called myself a playwright. Now, whenever I have a long day on set I think back to NTI and the great things I did there.  But then I remember the only reason I was able to do them was because I worked hard, put in the long hours, and wasn’t afraid to fail." - DJ Clark, NTI-AP Spring '13

"I spent a long time running away from my voice…That was my favorite part of the NTI.  It let me be myself.  Unlike many NTI students, I was already at a conservatory program when I came to NTI, but I wanted to challenge myself even more.  And the O’Neill kicked my ass—first as a Theatermakers Playwright and then later as an NTI-Advanced Playwright.  Both times were incredible, life-changing experiences I would never have had without the O'Neill. I couldn’t get enough of it.  I’m still hungry for it." - Haygen Brice Walker TM '11 Playwriting & NTI-AP Spring '12

National Music Theater Institute


"I'm excited to take the work ethic I've gained and the training I have learned back to school. I know that everything I have learned has pushed me to work harder in my classes, make my own work, and find opportunities for myself" - Mollie Posnik, NMTI Fall 2014

"Our classes and teachers were amazing and unique to NMTI. The individual attention I got was invaluable." - Julia Rutkovsky, NMTI Fall 2014

"I loved the multitude of ways I was challenged in a semester and how much I've grown artistically and creatively." - Tanner Holley, NMTI Fall 2014

"After NMTI, I feel prepared enough to do professional work." - Deshaun Peters, NMTI Fall 2014

"NMTI was an absolutely necessary supplement to my education as it gave me the ability to work with professionals in the field today and to learn from them is incomparable to anything else. The schedule shows you what it takes to be an artist in the world today." - Matt Beary, NMTI Fall 2014

Moscow Art Theatre Semester

"I did not understand what theater could truly be before I went to Moscow. Now I know and my life will never be the same." - Rivka Borek, MATS '07

"At Moscow Art Theater School, I quickly learned that the most daunting task would not be living in a foreign country; it would be leaving a school that had quickly became my home, my classroom, and my foundation for an entirely new way of viewing theater. Within my first week, I had developed a working relationship with my ensemble, had theater history class with one of Russia’s most beloved scholars, and had discovered muscles in my body that I did not even know existed through Ballet, Stage Combat, and Droznin." - Rita Sirianni, MATS Fall '12

"I studied with some of the best of the best. It was in no way easy, but it is this kind of rigorous training that I wanted from this experience. I loved every second of my training." - Etai BenShlomo, MATS '07

Theatermakers Summer Intensive

"At Theatermakers, instructors pushed me past my limits because they know that each of us are limitless, all while affirming the uniqueness of my own path. I came away from the summer with the confidence that I can and will have a fulfilling life in the theater" - Sullivan Macintosh, TM '14-Acting

"Theatermakers was an incredible opportunity for me to create dynamic work with unbelievably talented peers. It will give you a big push in the right direction." - Caitlin O'Connell, TM '08-Directing

“You will learn more about yourself as an artist, and a person at the O'Neill than anywhere else.” - Nikki Veit TM '12 Playwriting & NTI Fall '13

"Because of Theatermakers I finally feel like an artist. I know what I can contribute, what I can ask for, and what I can make." - Aliza Sotsky TM' 14-Acting

"Being a part of this program taught me that making bold choices, exploring the extreme and never settling is key in making your art your own. I found community with a campus full of artists who are ready to create, support and learn together" - Corey Jones, TM '14-Acting

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