Credit-Earning Courses

Connecticut College is the school of record for the National Theater Institute. 16 credit hours or 4 course credits are awarded to undergraduates who successfully complete NTI-Advanced Playwriting Semester. Final grades are reported to Connecticut College where they are recorded by official transcript and forwarded to the student’s college or university registrar upon request. Connecticut College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

SCRIPT ANALYSIS AND PLAYWRIGHT MENTORSHIP (NTI-356) An exploration of the art of dramatic structure, production dramaturgy, and the dramaturge’s role today. Recognized playwrights offer workshops and master classes in addition to weekly classes. The class allows students see new works and meet emerging and established playwrights, directors, and dramaturges.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR WRITERS (NTI-357) An intense examination of professional development; including “the business of the business,” producing one’s own work, pursuing graduate studies, and submitting to play festivals. Students attend the Humana Festival’s industry weekend where they see world premieres, participate in career development workshops, and network with artists.

ADVANCED PLAYWRITING (NTI-453) Students work with professional writers on a range of styles and genres to hone writing skills and develop a portfolio ready for submission. The class culminates with a staged reading of the students’ plays with the emphasis on hearing the playwrights’ words. Students take the NTI Design class to learn how to better visualize the world of their plays.

PLAY LAB (NTI-454) Weekly scripts are created reflecting the range of contemporary playwriting styles. A final 30-minute play is presented at Playwrights Week. The final lab involves production, but focuses on the process of collaboration: presentation of new work while working and communicating with actors and directors in rehearsal.

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