Moscow Art Theatre Semester

Fall Semester
20 Credit Hours

The birthplace of modern theater.

Conservatory rigor meets cultural immersion in this 25-year partnership. 

Study Abroad with a Conservatory-Based Schedule

Study in the birthplace of modern theater. The Moscow Art Theatre Semester immerses actors in the Stanislavski training method in the very theater where he developed his approach. Daily movement and acting classes are complemented with design, voice, Russian language, and Russian theater history. In addition to a conservatory-based training regimen – six days a week taught by masters at one of the world’s most renowned theater companies – you will experience the rich theatrical culture that permeates Moscow by attending 40 performances of theater, opera, ballet, and music throughout the semester as well as enjoying frequent museum visits and a trip to St. Petersburg. NTI has partnered with the Moscow Art Theatre School for more than 25 years in one of the longest continual cultural exchanges between the U.S. and Russia.

Credit-Earning Courses

Connecticut College is the school of record for the National Theater Institute. 20 credit hours or 5 course credits are awarded to undergraduates who successfully complete the Moscow Art Theatre Semester. Final grades are reported to Connecticut College where they are recorded by official transcript and forwarded to the student’s college or university registrar upon request. Connecticut College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

RUSSIAN THEATER HISTORY AND CINEMA (MXT-251) Designed to familiarize students with the rich history of the Russian cinema and theater, especially the Moscow Art Theatre and the Stanislavsky System, the course includes regular lectures, screenings as well as theater, museum, and cultural visits.
RUSSIAN LANGUAGE (MXT-252) Intensive language immersion appropriate for beginning and intermediate level students of the Russian language. Advanced level students have a special class to improve their language skills.
ACTING (MXT-253) Daily classes in all phases of acting technique with special emphasis on Stanislavsky and the Expressionist directors. Extensive scene work concentrating on Russian dramatists such as Chekhov, Gorky, Gogol, Ostrovsky, as well as contemporary playwrights.
DESIGN (MXT-254) An introduction to the world of Russian set and costume design and to the profession itself as prominent designers discuss design theory and history.
MOVEMENT AND VOICE (MXT-310) Movement classes include Droznin, classical folk dance, scenic movement, and ballet, and how they relate to building a character. Weekly classes in singing.  Classes focus on developing the actor’s imagination in connection with the training and development of the physical and vocal instrument.

“Why go to MATS? We offer a total immersion in the craft of theater. You will experience the vitality of one of the world’s first-class theaters and Moscow’s best teachers. Come to Moscow to challenge yourself as a professional. There are very few places in the world where theater truly matters. This is one.”

-Anatoly Smelianksy President, Moscow Art Theatre School


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