Life in Moscow

Photo Credit: Christophe Meneboeuf

Moscow, the birthplace of modern drama, is a vibrant international city with a two thousand year history.  Russians in general and Moscovites in particular have an enormous appreciation of culture, and the cultural community flourishes throughout the city. MATS students are able to take in dozens of theater, dance, and opera performances staged by leading Russian and international directors. 

The Moscow Art Theatre (MXT) is located two blocks from the Kremlin on a beautiful pedestrian street, near the Bolshoi Theatre. Restaurants, coffee shops, and major stations on the Moscow Metro are all within a short walking distance from the school and the dorm.

Living in Moscow

MATS students live in a centrally located and newly renovated dormitory with kitchen facilities, WIFI, rehearsal space, and excellent security. Students share high-ceilinged double rooms equipped with a twin bed, wardrobe, storage cubbies, bookshelves, and a desk.


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