“Much of what we now take for granted in contemporary theater contains DNA that can be traced back to a green patch of land overlooking the Long Island Sound in Waterford, CT.”

The O’Neill: Transformation of Modern American Theater by Jeffrey Sweet. Published by Yale University Press 2014.


America's Theater Campus


The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s Waterford, Connecticut campus is a collection of renovated 19th-century mansions, farmhouses, and barns  overlooking the Long Island Sound. The resources of the O’Neill and its 90-acre seaside campus are available for use by students. The historic campus boasts four performance venues, two libraries, administrative offices, and residences for students, staff, faculty, and artists. A recent multimillion-dollar expansion created new dormitory cottages, laundry facilities, dance studios, rehearsal rooms, and a state-of-the-art composition classroom for the National Theater Institute. Easily accessible by car or train, the O’Neill is two hours from New York City or Boston.

For over 50 years the O’Neill has been an artistic training ground. To study at the O’Neill is to create theater on equal footing with the hundreds of theatrical luminaries who have also called this campus home. The theaters are your classrooms and every day you are tasked with presenting your best work onstage and off. Come discover what it is to work in an atmosphere of complete creativity, where you are encouraged to Risk. Fail. and Risk Again.


What Students Say:

"There is something about the NTI campus… a sense of history—a slight murmuring under the floorboards of the barn— that says what we do here is important. It impacts every student’s work and every teacher’s class." – Alex Constas, NTI Fall 2012

“The campus was beautiful and I enjoyed waking up every morning and seeing the sun on the water. Inspiring.” – Frank Deming, NTI Fall 2014

“This is a magical place. One that a gang of young people takes over and makes their home. For a semester, this place has belonged to me – the beach, the barn, the rock wall across the front– and when put in a larger perspective we are the faintest of footfalls in a place where thousands, with bigger feet than us, have tread before. And yet, for 14 weeks it has been given to us. To live, to learn, and to make theater. – Shanan Wolfe, NTI Fall 2013

“I love the O’Neill. It honestly feels like home. Everyone is so supportive and makes such good care of us.” – Natalia Lopresti, NTI Spring 2014

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